Thailand Snake ID

We no longer offer snake identification services for Thailand. We did so for over 6 years, and it has become overwhelming. There are some resources you can use below to identify the snake you saw. In particular, check out the THAILAND SNAKES PUBLIC FB GROUP, or the Common Snakes pages and ebook because most likely, your snake can be found there.

If you know someone interested in taking over this website, you can email me at the Contact Page and I’ll get back to you. This site and the Facebook forum are for sale.

Resources for Thailand Snake Identification:

People Who Know Thailand Snakes

I won’t give their contact info without their permission, but if you want to do the work, you can find their email online. These guys know the snakes of Thailand very well, and may have time to help you identify your snake.

  • Tom Charlton – UK
  • Michael Cota – USA
  • David Frohlich – Hua Hin

If you’d like your name added to this list, give me an email at the Contact Page.