37 Venomous Vietnam Snakes – Dangerous and Some Deadly

Vietnam lies on the coast, so it has many venomous sea snakes in addition to this list of terrestrial venomous snakes in the country.

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Very Venomous Snakes Found in Vietnam

  1. Azemiops feae – Fea’s Viper
  2. Bungarus candidus – Malayan Krait, Common Krait, Blue Krait, Javan Krait
  3. Bungarus fasciatus – Banded Krait, Golden Banded Snake
  4. Bungarus flaviceps – Red-headed Krait, Yellow-Headed Krait, Kinabalu Krait
  5. Bungarus slowinskii – Red River Krait
  6. Calliophis intestinalis – Banded Long-glanded Coral Snake, Brown Long-glanded Coral Snake
  7. Calliophis maculiceps – Small-spotted Coral Snake
  8. Calloselasma rhodostoma – Malayan Pit Viper
  9. Daboia siamensis – Eastern Russell’s Viper, Daboia, Siamese Russell’s Viper
  10. Deinagkistrodon acutus – Sharp-nosed Pit Viper, Hundred-pacer
  11. Naja atra – Chinese Cobra, Taiwan Cobra, Formosan Cobra
  12. Naja kaouthia – Monocellate Cobra, Thailand Cobra, Monacled Cobra
  13. Naja siamensis – Thai Spitting Cobra
  14. Ophiophagus hannah – King Cobra, Hamadryad, Jungle Cobra
  15. Ovophis monticola – Mountain Pit Viper, Blotched Pit Viper,
  16. Ovophis tonkinensis – Tonkin Pit Viper
  17. Protobothrops cornutus – Horned Pit Viper, Fan-Si-Pan Horned Pit Viper
  18. Protobothrops jerdonii – Jerdon’s Pit Viper, Bourret’s Pit Viper
  19. Protobothrops mucrosquamatus – Chinese Habu, Taiwanese Pit Viper
  20. Rhabdophis angeli – Angel’s Keelback
  21. Rhabdophis callichroma
  22. Rhabdophis chrysargos – Speckle-bellied Keelback
  23. Rhabdophis nigrocinctus – Green Keelback, Banded Keelback
  24. Rhabdophis nuchalis – Hubei Keelback
  25. Rhabdophis subminiatus – Red-necked Keelback, Heller’s Keelback
  26. Sinomicrurus kelloggi – Kellog’s Coral Snake
  27. Sinomicrurus macclellandi – Macclelland’s Coral Snake
  28. Triceratolepidophis sieversorum – Three Horned-scaled Pitviper
  29. Trimeresurus albolabris – White-lipped Green Pit Viper, White-lipped Pit Viper, White-lipped Tree Viper
  30. Trimeresurus gumprechti – Gumprecht’s Green Pit Viper
  31. Trimeresurus macrops – Dark Green Pit Viper, Large-eyed Pit Viper
  32. Trimeresurus popeiorum – Pope’s Pit Viper, Pope’s Green Pit Viper
  33. Trimeresurus stejnegeri – Chinese Bamboo Pit Viper, Chinese Green Tree Viper
  34. Trimeresurus truongsonensis – Quang Binh Pitviper
  35. Trimeresurus vogeli – Vogel’s Green Pitviper, Vogel’s Pitviper
  36. Tropidolaemus philippinensis – South Philippine Temple Pit Viper
  37. Tropidolaemus wagleri – Wagler’s Pit Viper, Temple Pit Viper

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