Snakes Found in the Country of Malaysia

Here is a list of snakes found in Malaysia. Venomous species have one asterisk (*) and those which are assumed to be dangerous because they are closely related to others in their genus which are known to be dangerous have two asterisks (**).

Here are Venomous Malaysia Snakes >

List of All Snakes in Malaysia

1. Acalyptophis peronii – Spiny-headed Sea Snake, Horned Sea Snake
2. Acrochordus granulatus – Little File Snake, Marine File Snake, Granular Wart Snake, File Snake
3. Acrochordus javanicus – Javan File Snake, Elephant Trunk Snake, Javan Wart Snake, Riverine File Snake
4. Ahaetulla fasciolata – Speckle-headed Whip Snake, Banded Vine Snake
5. Ahaetulla mycterizans – Malayan Green Whip Snake, Malayan Whipsnake, Malayan Vine Snake
6. Ahaetulla prasina – Oriental Whip Snake, Green Vine Snake, Short-nosed Vine Snake
7. Aipysurus eydouxii – Eydoux’s Sea Snake, Stagger-Banded Sea Snake, Spiny-tailed Sea Snake, Beaded Sea Snake *
8. Amphiesma flavifrons – Sabah Keelback, White-nosed Water Snake
9. Amphiesma frenatum – Bridled Water Snake
10. Amphiesma inas – Malayan Mountain Keelback
11. Amphiesma petersii – Peter’s Keelback
12. Amphiesma sanguineum – Smedley’s Keelback, Cameron Keelback
13. Amphiesma sarawacense – Sarawak Mountain Keelback, Sarawak Keelback, Checker-bellied Water Snake
14. Amphiesma stolatum – Striped Keelback, Flower Snake, Land God, Yellow Banded Water Snake, Yellow Neck Water Snake, Buff-Striped Keelback
15. Aplopeltura boa – Blunt-headed Slug Snake, Blunt-headed Tree Snake, Blunt Head Slug Snake
16. Asthenodipsas laevis – Smooth Slug Snake, Smooth Slug-Eating Snake, Blunt-Headed Tree Snake
17. Asthenodipsas malaccanus – Malayan Slug Snake, Dark-Necked Slug-Eating Snake
18. Asthenodipsas vertebralis – Mountain Slug Snake, Veretbral Slug Snake, Mountain Snail Snake
19. Astrotia stokesii – Stokes’ Sea Snake, Large-headed Sea Snake *
20. Bitia hydroides – Keel-bellied Water Snake *
21. Boiga cyanea – Green Cat Snake, Green Cat-eye Snake
22. Boiga cynodon – Dog Toothed Cat Snake, Horse-tail Whip Snake
23. Boiga dendrophila – Mangrove Snake, Mangrove Cat Snake, Gold-ringed Cat Snake, Yellow-Ringed Cat Snake, Sulawesi Mangrove Snake ( B. d. gemmicincta )
24. Boiga drapiezii – White Spotted Cat Snake, Spotted Cat Snake
25. Boiga jaspidea – Jasper’s Cat Snake
26. Boiga multomaculata – Large Spotted Cat Snake, Marble Cat Snake, Many-spotted Cat Snake
27. Boiga nigriceps – Dark Headed Cat Snake, Red Cat-eye Snake, Red Cat Snake, Black Headed Cat Snake
28. Boiga siamensis – Grey Cat Snake
29. Bungarus candidus – Malayan Krait, Common Krait, Blue Krait *
30. Bungarus fasciatus – Banded Krait *
31. Bungarus flaviceps – Red-headed Krait *
32. Calamaria albiventer – Red-bellied Reed Snake, White-bellied Reed Snake
33. Calamaria everetti – Everett’s Dwarf Snake
34. Calamaria grabowskyi – Grabowsky’s Reed Snake
35. Calamaria gracillima
36. Calamaria griswoldi – Lined Reed Snake
37. Calamaria ingeri
38. Calamaria lateralis
39. Calamaria lautensis
40. Calamaria leucogaster – Ampat Lawang Dwarf Snake, Collared Reed Snake
41. Calamaria lowii – Low’s Reed Snake, Grimlett’s Reed Snake ( C. l. grimlett )
42. Calamaria lumbricoidea – Variable Reed Snake
43. Calamaria lumholtzi
44. Calamaria melanota
45. Calamaria modesta
46. Calamaria pavimentata – Collared Reed Snake
47. Calamaria prakkei – Prakke’s Reed Snake
48. Calamaria schlegelii – Schlegel’s Reed Snake, White-headed Reed Snake, Pink-headed Reed Snake ( C. s. schlegelii )
49. Calamaria schmidti – Schmidt’s Reed Snake
50. Calamaria suluensis – Yellow-Bellied Reed Snake
51. Calamaria virgulata – Boie’s Dwarf Snake, Blunt-tail Reed Snake
52. Calliophis bivirgata – Blue Malaysian Coral Snake, Blue Long-glanded Coral Snake *
53. Calliophis gracilis – Slender Coral Snake, Spotted Coral Snake, Gray’s Coral Snake *
54. Calliophis intestinalis – Banded Long-glanded Coral Snake, Brown Long-glanded Coral Snake *
55. Calliophis maculiceps – Small-spotted Coral Snake *
56. Calloselasma rhodostoma – Malayan Pit Viper *
57. Cantoria violacea – Cantor’s Water Snake, Yellow-banded Mangrove Snake.
58. Cerberus rhynchops ( subsp. rhynchops ) – Dog-faced Water Snake
59. Chrysopelea ornata – Golden Tree Snake, Golden Flying Snake, Ornate Flying Snake
60. Chrysopelea paradisi – Paradise Tree Snake, Paradise Flying Snake
61. Chrysopelea pelias – Barred Tree Snake, Twin Barred Tree Snake, Banded Flying Snake
62. Collorhabdium williamsoni – Williamson’s Reed Snake, Mountain Dwarf Snake
63. Dendrelaphis caudolineatus – Striped Bronze Back
64. Dendrelaphis cyanochloris – Wall’s Bronze Back
65. Dendrelaphis formosus – Elegant Bronze Back, Elegant Bronzeback
66. Dendrelaphis kopsteini – Kopstein’s Bronzeback
67. Dendrelaphis pictus – Painted Bronze Back, Common Bronze Back
68. Dendrelaphis striatus – Cohn’s Bronze Back, Cohn’s Bronzeback, Banded Bronzeback
69. Dipsadoboa aulicus – Cross-barred Tree Snake, Marbled Tree Snake Sub-Saharan Africa
70. Dryocalamus subannulatus – Malayan Bridle Snake, Brown-Saddled Tree Snake
71. Dryocalamus tristrigatus – Three-Lined Tree Snake
72. Dryophiops rubescens – Keel-bellied Whip Snake, Red Whip Snake, Keel-Bellied Vine Snake
73. Coelognathus flavolineata – Common Malayan Racer, Yellow-striped Rat Snake, Common Racer, Black Copper Rat Snake, Black-tailed Trinket Snake
74. Elaphe porphyracea – Red Mountain Rat Snake, Black-banded Trinket Snake, Banded Trinket Snake, Red Mountain Racer ( E. p. porphyracea ), Black-striped Mountain Racer ( E. p. nigrofasciata ), Red Bamboo Snake ( E. p. kawakamii ), Western Banded Trinket Snake ( E. p. porphyracea )
75. Coelognathus prasina – Green Tree Racer, Green Trinket Snake, Green Bush Rat Snake, Green Ratsnake
76. Coelognathus radiata – Copper-headed Racer, Copperhead Rat Snake, Radiated Ratsnake, Copper-headed Trinket Snake
77. Coelognathus taeniura – Beauty Snake, Cave Racer, Cave Dwelling Snake, Yunnan Striped Trinket Snake
78. Enhydrina schistosa – Beaked Sea Snake, Hook-nosed Sea Snake, Common Sea Snake, Valakadyn Sea Snake *
79. Enhydris alternans – Reuss’ Water Snake
80. Enhydris bocourti – Bocourt’s Water Snake
81. Enhydris doriae – Sarawak Water Snake, Blotch-Lipped Mud Snake
82. Enhydris enhydris – Rainbow Water Snake, Smooth Water Snake, Common Smooth-scaled Water Snake
83. Enhydris indica – West Malaysian Water Snake
84. Enhydris pahangensis – Pahang Water Snake
85. Enhydris plumbea – Plumbeus Water Snake, Plumbeous Water Snake, Common Rice Paddy Snake, Rice Paddy Snake, Orange-Bellied Mud Snake, Yellowbelly Water Snake, Plumbeous Smooth-scaled Water Snake
86. Enhydris punctata – Spotted Water Snake
87. Enhydris sieboldi – Siebold’s Water Snake, Siebold’s Smooth-scaled Water Snake
88. Fordonia leucobalia – White-Bellied Mangrove Snake, Crab Eating Water Snake, Whitebelly Water Snake Australia and Southeast Asia
89. Gerarda prevostiana – Cat-eyed Fishing Snake, Gerard’s Water Snake, Cat-eyed Water Snake, Glossy Marsh Snake
90. Gongylosoma baliodeirus – Boie’s Smooth Snake, Spotted Ground Snake, Striped Ringneck ( G. b. cochranae )
91. Gongylosoma longicauda – Peter’s Smooth Snake, Striped Ground Snake, Long-tailed Ringneck Snake
92. Gongylosoma mukutense – Mukut Smooth Snake
93. Gonyophis margaritatus – Rainbow Tree snake, Royal Tree Snake
94. Gonyosoma oxycephalum – Red-tailed Racer, Red-tailed Green Rat Snake, Red-tailed Ratsnake
95. Homalopsis buccata – Masked Water Snake, Puff-faced Water Snake
96. Hydrablabes periops – Olive Small-eyed Snake, Dwarf Water Snake
97. Hydrablabes praefrontalis – Mocquard’s Small-eyed Snake
98. Hydrophis atriceps – Black-headed Sea Snake *
99. Hydrophis belcheri – Belcher’s Sea Snake *
100. Hydrophis brookii – Brook’s Small-headed Sea Snake, Brook’s Sea Snake, Brooke’s Sea Snake *
101. Hydrophis caerulescens – Dwarf Sea Snake, Merrem’s Sea Snake, Dark Blue-banded Sea Snake, Many-toothed Sea Snake, Malacca Sea Snake, Blue-grey Sea Snake, Blue Sea Snake *
102. Hydrophis cantoris – Cantor’s Sea Snake, Cantor’s Narrow-headed Sea Snake, Barred Small-headed Sea Snake *
103. Hydrophis cyanocinctus – Asian Annulated Sea Snake, Banded Sea Snake, Annulated Sea Snake, Blue-banded Sea Snake, Dusky-chinned Giant Sea Snake *
104. Hydrophis fasciatus – Banded Small-headed Sea Snake, Striped Sea Snake, Banded Sea Snake, Blunt-banded Sea Snake *
105. Hydrophis gracilis – Graceful Small-headed Sea Snake, Slender Sea Snake, Common Narrow-headed Snake, Small-headed Sea Snake, Common Small-headed Sea Snake, Narrow-headed Snake, Spotted Small-headed Sea Snake *
106. Hydrophis inornatus – Plain Sea Snake, Inornate Sea Snake *
107. Hydrophis jerdonii – Jerdon’s Sea Snake, Saddle-backed Sea Snake *
108. Hydrophis klossi – Kloss’s Sea Snake, Greater Dusky Sea Snake *
109. Hydrophis lamberti – Lambert’s Sea Snake *
110. Hydrophis lapemoides – Persian Gulf Sea Snake, Arabian Gulf Sea Snake, Persian Sea Snake *
111. Hydrophis mamillaris – Broad-banded Sea Snake, Bombay Sea Snake, Bombay Gulf Sea Snake, Bombay Broad-banded Sea Snake *
112. Hydrophis melanosoma – Black-banded Sea Snake, Robust Sea Snake, Lesser Dusky Sea Snake *
113. Hydrophis nigrocinctus – Daudin’s Sea Snake, Black-banded Sea Snake *
114. Hydrophis ornatus – Reef Sea Snake, Ornate Sea Snake, Cochin Banded Sea Snake, Ryukyu Ornated Sea Snake, Spotted Sea Snake *
115. Hydrophis spiralis – Yellow Sea Snake, Narrow-banded Sea Snake, Giant Sea Snake, Blotch-backed Giant Sea Snake *
116. Hydrophis torquatus – Gunther’s Sea Snake, Lower Gulf Black-headed Sea Snake, Upper Gulf Black-headed Sea Snake, West Coast Black-headed Sea Snake, Garland Sea Snake *
117. Hydrophis viperina – Olive Sea Snake, Schmidt’s Sea Snake, Viperine Sea Snake, Grey Sea Snake *
118. Kolpophis annandalei – Annandales’s Sea Snake *
119. Lapemis hardwickii – Hardwicke’s Sea Snake, Spine-bellied Sea Snake *
120. Laticauda colubrina – Yellow-lipped Sea Krait, Wide-lipped Sea Krait, Colubrine Sea Krait, Wide-faced Sea Krait, Colubrine Amphibious Sea Snake, Yellow-lipped Sea Snake, Wide-lipped Sea Snake, Colubrine Sea Snake, Wide-faced Sea Snake, Common Banded Sea Snake, Banded Sea Snake, Banded Yellow-lip Sea Snake *
121. Laticauda laticaudata – Black-banded Sea Krait, Large-scaled Sea Krait, Common Sea Krait, Common Amphibious Sea Snake, Banded Amphibious Snake *
122. Laticauda semifasciata – Broad-banded Blue Sea Snake, Erabu Sea Snake, Sea Krait, Erabu Sea Krait *
123. Lepturophis albofuscus – Dark Wolf Snake, Dusky Wolf Snake
124. Lepturophis borneensis
125. Liopeltis tricolor – Malayan Ringneck, Masked Ground Snake
126. Lycodon aulicus – Common Wolf Snake, House Snake, Indian Wolf Snake
127. Lycodon butleri – Butler’s Wolf Snake
128. Lycodon capucinus – Common Wolf Snake, House Snake, Oriental Wolf Snake
129. Lycodon effraenis – Scarce Wolf Snake, Brown Wolf Snake
130. Lycodon laoensis – Laotian Wolf Snake, Indo-Chinese Wolf Snake
131. Lycodon subcinctus – Malayan Banded Wolf Snake, Banded Wolf Snake ( L. s. subcinctus ), Belted Wolf Snake
132. Macrocalamus chanardi
133. Macrocalamus gentingensis
134. Macrocalamus jasoni – Jason’s Mountain Reed Snake
135. Macrocalamus lateralis – Malayan Mountain Reed Snake, Striped Reed Snake
136. Macrocalamus schulzi
137. Macrocalamus tweediei – Lim’s Mountain Reed Snake, Tweedie’s Mountain Reed Snake
138. Macrocalamus vogeli
139. Macropisthodon flaviceps – Orange-necked Keelback, Orangeneck Keelback, Orange-lipped Water Snake, Yellow-headed Keelback *
140. Macropisthodon rhodomelas – Blue-necked Keelback, Blueneck Keelback, Blue-necked Water Snake *
141. Naja kaouthia – Monocellate Cobra, Thailand Cobra, Monocled Cobra *
142. Naja sumatrana – Sumatran Spitting Cobra, Golden Spitting Cobra, Malayan Spitting Cobra, Equatorial Spitting Cobra, Sumatran Cobra *
143. Oligodon annulifer – Ringed Kukri Snake, Spotted Kukri Snake
144. Oligodon booliati – Booliat’s Kukri Snake
145. Oligodon cinereus – South Chinese Kukri Snake, Ashy Kukri Snake, Gunther’s Kukri Snake, Black-barred Kukri Snake
146. Oligodon everetti – Everett’s Kukri Snake, Jewelled Kukri Snake
147. Oligodon meyerinkii
148. Oligodon octolineatus – Striped Kukri Snake, Eight-Striped Kukri Snake
149. Oligodon purpurascens – Brown Kukri Snake, Maroon Kukri Snake
150. Oligodon signatus – Barred Kukri Snake, Rusty-Banded Kukri Snake, Banded Kukri Snake
151. Oligodon subcarinatus – Beautiful Kukri Snake, Barred Kukri Snake
152. Ophiophagus hannah – King Cobra, Hamadryad, Jungle Cobra Indian Sub-continent + North Asia + Southeast Asia *
153. Opisthotropis typica – Olive Mountain Keelback, Corrugated Water Snake
154. Oreocalamus hanitschi – Hanitsch’s Reed Snake, Kalimantan Burrowing Snake, Mountain Reed Snake
155. Ovophis chaseni – Chasen’s Pit Viper, Kinabalu Brown Pit Viper, Chasen’s Mountain Pit Viper, Mount Kinabalu Pit Viper
156. Ovophis monticola – Mountain Pit Viper, Blotched Pit Viper, Mountain Iron-head Snake, Chinese Mountain Pit Viper *
157. Pareas carinatus – Keeled Slug Snake
158. Pareas macularius – Spotted Slug Snake, Darjeeling Snail-eater
159. Pareas margaritophorus – Mountain Slug Snake, White-spotted Slug Snake
160. Pareas nuchalis – Barred Slug-Eating Snake
161. Pelamis platurus – Yellow Bellied Sea Snake, Pelagic Sea Snake, Black and Yellow Sea Snake, Yellow and Black Sea Snake, Black-backed Sea Snake *
162. Psammodynastes pictus – Painted Mock Viper
163. Psammodynastes pulverulentus – Mock Viper, Common Mock Viper, Taiwan Leopard Snake, Dusky Mock Viper
164. Pseudorabdion albonuchalis – Ring-necked Litter Snake
165. Pseudorabdion collaris – Common Collared Snake, Mocquardt’s Litter Snake
166. Pseudorabdion longiceps – Dwarf Reed Snake, Cantor’s Dwarf Reed Snake, Lance-headed Litter Snake
167. Pseudorabdion saravacense
168. Pseudoxenodon baramensis – Baram Bamboo Snake, Baram Water Snake
169. Pseudoxenodon macrops – Big-eyed Mountain Keelback, Big-eyed Bamboo Snake, False Cobra
170. Ptyas carinatus – Keeled Rat Snake
171. Ptyas fuscus – White-bellied Rat Snake, Brown Rat Snake
172. Ptyas korros – Indochinese Rat Snake, Indo-Chinese Rat Snake
173. Ptyas mucosus – Oriental Rat Snake
174. Python breitensteini – Borneo Short-Tailed Python
175. Python brongersmai – Blood Python, Red Blood Python, Malaysian Blood Python, Sumatran Blood Python
176. Python molurus – Rock Python, Indian Python ( P. m. molurus ), Burmese Python ( P. m. bivittatus ) West Asia +
177. Python reticulatus – Reticulated Python
178. Rhabdophis chrysargos – Speckle-bellied Keelback **
179. Rhabdophis conspicillatus – Red-bellied Keelback **
180. Rhabdophis murudensis – Muruden Keelback, Fire-lipped Keelback, Gunung Murud Keelback **
181. Rhabdophis subminiatus – Red-necked Keelback *
182. Sibynophis collaris – Common Blackhead Snake, Black Head Snake, Common Many-tooth Snake, Collared Many-toothed Snake, Collared Black-headed Snake Indian Sub-continent + North Asia + Southeast Asia
183. Sibynophis geminatus – Boie’s Many-tooth Snake, Striped Litter Snake
184. Sibynophis melanocephalus – Malayan Blackhead, Malayan Many-tooth Snake, White-lipped Litter Snake, Black-headed Collared Snake
185. Stegonotus borneensis – Borneo Frog-eating Snake, Bornean Black Snake
186. Stoliczkaia borneensis – Borneo Red Snake, Stoliczka’s Water Snake
187. Thalassophis anomalus – Anomalus Sea Snake *
188. Trimeresurus albolabris – White-lipped Green Pit Viper, White-lipped Pit Viper, White-lipped Tree Viper *
189. Trimeresurus borneensis – Bornean Pit Viper, Bornean Leaf-nosed Pit Viper, Borneo Pit Viper *
190. Trimeresurus buniana – Fairy Pit Viper *
191. Trimeresurus fucatus – Siamese Peninsular Pitviper, Siamese Peninsula Pitviper *
192. Trimeresurus hageni – Hagen’s Pit Viper, Indonesian Pit Viper *
193. Trimeresurus malcolmi – Kinabalu Pit Viper, Malcolm’s Pit Viper *
194. Trimeresurus nebularis – Cameron Highlands Pitviper *
195. Trimeresurus popeiorum – Pope’s Pit Viper, Pope’s Green Pit Viper, Pope’s Tree Viper, Red-tailed Pit Viper, Pope’s Bamboo Pit Viper *
196. Trimeresurus puniceus – Flat-nosed Pit Viper, Ashy Pit Viper *
197. Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus – Mangrove Pit Viper, Shore Pit Viper, Gray’s Pit Viper, Purple-spotted Pit Viper *
198. Trimeresurus sabahi – Sabah Pit Viper, Sabah Bamboo Pit Viper *
199. Trimeresurus sumatranus – Sumatran Pit Viper, Sumatra Pit Viper *
200. Trimeresurus venustus – Beautiful Pit Viper *
201. Tropidolaemus philippinensis – South Philippine Temple Pit Viper *
202. Tropidolaemus subannulatus – North Philippine Temple Pit Viper *
203. Tropidolaemus wagleri – Wagler’s Pit Viper, Temple Pit Viper, Speckled Pit Viper, Wagler’s Palm Viper *
204. Xenelaphis ellipsifer – Ocellated Brown Snake, Ornate Brown Snake
205. Xenelaphis hexagonotus – Malayan Brown Snake, Malaysian Brown Snake
206. Xenochrophis flavipunctatus – Common Keelback, Yellow-Spotted Keelback
207. Xenochrophis maculatus – Spotted Keelback, Large-eyed Water Snake
208. Xenochrophis piscator – Checkered Keelback
209. Xenochrophis trianguligerus – Triangle Keelback, Red-sided Keelback, Triangle-spotted Keelback
210. Xenodermus javanicus – Xenodermine Snake, Rough-Backed Litter Snake
211. Xenophidion acanthognathus – Bornean Spine-jawed Snake
212. Xenophidion schaeferi – Malayan Spine-jawed Snake

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Thailand Snakes covers venomous and non-venomous snakes in Thailand and surrounding countries. Cobras, Kraits, Vipers, Corals, Rat Snakes, Tree Snakes, Whip Snakes, Pipe Snakes, Kukris, Pythons, and more.

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