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Here are some helpful snake resources:

Al Coritz – and – – Al is a long-time venomous snake handler and his collection of videos of feeding, handling, cleaning cages, and just admiring the amazing snake collection he has amassed over the years is quite worth a visit to YouTube to see. Al buys and sells snakes, and is based in Pennsylvania, USA.

Tom Charlton –  (website not live) Tom is a snake enthusiast that is licensed to handle and sell venomous snakes out of the UK. Tom has a number of exotic snakes from Asia – and is often found traipsing around Southeast Asia on herping expeditions to find more snakes. I met him in Thailand during a couple of his trips.

Frank Leinz Design – Frank is an excellent photographer who started his own graphics design business. Here are some of his snake shots including some from his Thailand trips.

Herp Trips – The herping adventures of Eitan and Ron Grunwald and friends.

Gondwana Reptile Productions by Rob Valentic – View outstanding photographs of Australian reptiles & frogs by Rob Valentic. Buy framed prints of reptiles, frogs and their habitats, and download Rob’s herpetological articles.

Venom Street – is based in Florida in the USA. They collect and breed Asian cobras, and they are expanding to include kraits. Venom Street is a very successful breeder and is licensed for sales of venomous snakes in USA.

Venomous Reptiles (.org) – Care sheets, classifieds, located in USA.


There are more people I know that are involved in venomous snake handling, research, and snake keeping, but I don’t have any more websites to link out to. If we’ve spoken before and you have a website – do let me know so we can work something out.

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