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  1. Hello All

    For your information.

    Found a 115cm long banded krait dead on the road outside our house 6km SW of Chiangmai Rai. With its alternating yellow and black bands it looks beautiful.


  2. Hi, I am off to Thailand in the next week for the first time and just reading through the snakes on your website, I feel like heading over there in an armoured suit. What is the likelihood of running into one these snakes? I am going to Chalong, Phuket.



    1. You’ve got about zero chance if you’re not out at night in a forest looking for them. Nothing to worry about, really. Snakes are not easy to find, even when looking for them.

  3. I saw a banded Krait moving along a stream at the front of my friends house in Ron Philbun near Nakhon si thammerat I got a photo but don’t know how to upload it here.

  4. I am going to Phrae in January and February. Should I be worried about any snakes there and if so which ones? The information on this site is excellent.

    1. If sleeping in tents – yes, kraits. Don’t leave tent open. Don’t sleep on ground without a tent. Kraits kill as many people as monocled cobras in Thailand.



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