This site is to be taken entirely as is. Nothing within the pages of this site is meant to be called “fact” and you as a reader are totally responsible for your actions taken as a result of reading, listening to, or watching on video, information provided here.

We (ThailandSnakes.com staff, owners, partners) are not herpetologists. We are not expert snake handlers, snake researchers, biologists, and nor do we act in any professional capacity.

Nothing written, or contained in any other media of any sort on this website is to be construed as encouraging you, or convincing you to act in any manner, to perform any action, or reaction.

Snake handling, hunting, observing, research, and anything to do with snakes at all – can be harmful to your health. It can also result in death.

We urge you to never touch or get near to, venomous snakes or any snake.

Do not imitate, repeat, copy, or act similarly to anything you observe or ingest through media on this website. As we said, we are not experts and we cannot suggest, instruct, or model ways for you to act with venomous or non-venomous snakes.

The internet, and this website are filled with errors, errors of omission, outdated information, and that which was incorrect when relayed to you here.

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