Venom Toxicity Comparison Among Thailand Snakes

Here is a chart of venomous snake venom LD50 ratings for subcutaneous injections of mice with venom. LD50 is a scale that means 50% death rate occurs after injection into mice of specific amounts of venom per kilogram. If the LD50 for a snake species it means it takes just 1 mg of venom per kilogram of mouse, to kill 50% of the mice it’s administered to.

Please keep in mind that LD50 doesn’t mean anything to you if you were just bitten. You can die from the bite of any venomous snake if you are allergic to the venom and your body goes into shock.

Why is the LD50 scale not very important to you?

The LD50 experiments are done using one of four main injection methods of venom into mice: Subcutaneous, intraperitoneal, intramuscular, and intravenous (into veins). Dr. Bryan Grieg Fry, noted herpetologist states that the subcutaneous injection is the most applicable to most actual snake bites, so we show that here.

The snake that bites you might hit a vein. It might go deep into the muscle (Russell’s vipers, King Cobras). It might bite through the wall of your abdomen. Every bite is different!

Each bite is different too in the amount of venom delivered. A king cobra that gets a good bite in can kill you in 8 minutes – which is what happened to a young Thai at a snake show in southern Thailand. I know his brother, and the story was related directly to me.

Bites can be dry – or, venomless – resulting in no envenomation at all.

Every bite is different – please keep that in mind. Note that the most deadly snake in Thailand, the one causing most deaths each year, is the Malayan Pit Viper. See how inefficient it’s venom is versus the banded krait? There are just a lot more Malayan Pit Viper bites each year.

If you have any questions please ask them in the forum. Thanks, Vern.

Chart at >

Apparently they removed it. So did Wonder why everyone is removing the LD50 charts? I’ll bet it has something to do with nobody wanting to attempt to keep them updated. There are experiments going on all the time which provide new data and some of it conflicts with the old. Let it suffice to say that Kraits, Cobras, Coral, and Viper snakes in Thailand can all kill you. Do take great care not to get too close to one. Never purposefully aggravate a snake.


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