Snake FAQ

Here I’ll answer common questions about the snakes of Thailand.

What should I do if bitten by a snake in Thailand?

1. Remember as much about the snake as you can and get to the hospital immediately. Snakes are very hard to identify. Some Thailand snakes can kill you in as little as 10 minutes with a good bite.
2. Don’t waste time sitting around waiting for symptoms to arise before going to the hospital. Minutes are crucial with venomous snakes.
3. If you can’t get to a hospital yourself, look at the emergency phone numbers in the upper right of this page.

How common are venomous snakes in Thailand?

Very, very common.

Where are most venomous snakes located in Thailand?

They are literally all over Thailand. Many of the venomous snakes here in Thailand call vast stretches of Asia their home.

Should I kill all the snakes I see around my house?

No, for 2 reasons.

1. The snake may kill you first.
2. There are Thai snake guys in every town that can take the snake away for you without killing it. Reach them by having a Thai person call the police and asking them to send the snake guys to your location.

How strong is the venom of Thailand snakes?

Very strong in some cases. A king cobra has killed an elephant with one bite. A king cobra killed a man in southern Thailand in less than 10 minutes. A baby krait less than 10 inches long, in Burma (same as we have in Thailand) killed a world famous herpetologist – Joe Slowinski in 30 hours because he couldn’t reach a hospital with a ventilator.

Which is the most deadly snake in Thailand?

The krait’s venom is the strongest for humans. It acts on the nervous system, killing the nerve impulses. This paralyzes muscles and eventually causes repiratory failure. You are very, very unlikely to see a krait in Thailand.

Which Thailand snake kills the most people?

The Malayan Pit Viper kills more people in Thailand than any other. Another very dangerous snake is the Russell’s Viper which is found in certain parts of Thailand. Russell’s vipers kill more people worldwide than any other snake on the planet.

What should I do if I encounter a snake in the forest?

If it is on the ground and you are close to it – within 1 meter, you should very slowly move back away from it. Cobras like to strike when you are backing away fast. If you go slow enough that they cannot tell you are backing away – you’ll probably be OK.

If it is green and in a tree you should move back quickly from it. Vipers have heat sensing organs that will trigger the snake to bite automatically sometimes if it senses you are hot.

2 thoughts on “Snake FAQ”

  1. We have two cobras living underneath our house which come out and crawl around our entry area..and back of kitchen area…and have reared up to bite when approached. How can we get rid of them? Is using sulfur… to put down in their nesting area…in the holes that go under the house… a good idea?

    1. not sure except to catch them with pvc pipe and a noose on the end. You can call the local ambulance guys in your area and tell them you have cobras. They’ll know the snake guys in your area. Cheers and good luck.

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