Feel free to write if you have a snake you need identified – we’ll do our best.


Include answers to as many of the following questions as you can for snake reports.

Copy/paste the following into your email to make it easy to answer these:

1. Location in Thailand – city, area the snake was seen

2. Environment found? Near water? In a Tree? On the ground? Under wood or something? On a wall? On the roof?

3. Estimate snake length and girth (thickness) of snake – was it thick as your finger? Arm? Calf? Thigh?

4. Found during night or daylight? What time?

5. If no photo is sent by email please describe the colors of the snake, patterns, anything you can remember.

6. Did the snake attempt to strike at you?

If it bit you, head to the nearest hospital just to make sure. Some deadly snakes have venom with no initial symptoms of envenomation.

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