19 Common Types of Snakes in Thailand

What Types Of Snakes Are in Thailand?

I thought I’d address this question about types of snakes in Thailand not because anyone ever asked me, but because I think it can help people narrow down the snake they saw if they considered the type. Now, my types will be somewhat arbitrary and geared toward the beginner snake enthusiast or just anyone looking for more information on snake type. Not every snake fits snugly in each of the categories below, but I’ll make an attempt to classify them as best I can.


Cat Snakes

Arboreal and terrestrial. Genera: Boiga.


Terrestrial and partly arboreal. Genera: Naja; Ophiophagus.

Coral Snakes

Terrestrial and fossorial. Genera: Calliophis; Sinomicrurus. Corals.


Terrestrial ground snakes; freshwater snakes. Genera: Amphiesma;  Macropisthodon; Opisthotropis; Rhabdophis; Pseudoxenodon; Xenochrophis. Keelbacks


Terrestrial snakes. Genera: Bungarus.


Terrestrial snakes. Genera: Oligodon.

Many-toothed Snakes

Terrestrial snakes. Genera: Sibynophis.

Pipe Snakes

Terrestrial and fossorial. Genera: Cylindrophis; Xenopeltis.


Terrestrial snakes; partly arboreal. Genera: Python.

Rat Snakes

Terrestrial and arboreal. Genera: Coelognathus; Ptyas; Gonyosoma; Othriophis.

Reed Snakes

Terrestrial and fossorial. Genera: Calamaria; Pseudorabdion.

Ringneck Snakes

Terrestrial snakes. Genera: Liopeltis.

Slug Snakes

Arboreal and terrestrial. Genera: Aplopeltura; Asthenodipsas; Pareas.

Sea Snakes

Saltwater snakes, and one Genus, Laticauda, comes out of the water to mate and lay eggs. Genera: Astrotia; Hydrophis; Kolpophis; Laticauda; Thalassophis.

Tree Snakes

Arboreal and terrestrial. Genera: Chrysopelea; Dendrelaphis.


Arboreal and terrestrial. Some species spend a lot of time on the ground, including D. siamensis, O. monticola, and C. rhodostoma who all appear to be exclusively terrestrial. Genera: Calloselasma; Trimeresurus; Tropidolaemus. Vipers.

Water Snakes

Freshwater and partly terrestrial. Genera: Acrochordus; Cerberus; Enhydris; Erpeton; Fordonia; Homalopsis.

Whip Snakes

Arboreal and terrestrial. Genera: Ahaetulla; Dryophiops.

Wolf Snakes

Terrestrial and arboreal. Genera: Dinodon; Lycodon; Lepturophis.


  1. arboreal – tree dwellers, can indicate climbing of structures or anything.
  2. fossorial – subterranean dwellers – at least part of the time they are underground.
  3. terrestrial – ground dwellers, preference for remaining on the ground.

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