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Thailand Snake Photos – Burmese Python in Phuket

Aime sent me a great photo of a Burmese python that was on her walkway. She knew it was a python and figured it wasn’t too aggressive, and in this case she was right. Burmese pythons are quite a bit less vicious than their cousins the Reticulated Pythons. Burmese Pythons can grow to 8 meters. Reticulated pythons can also get that big. Blood Pythons very rarely get over 2 meters.

Burmese Pythons (Python bivittatus) resemble blood pythons also – which are found in southern Thailand as far as Krabi province (we’ve found a couple here in Krabi). I didn’t know Burmese pythons or blood pythons to be found in Phuket though. Apparently they are.

Note – these snakes can be confused with the deadly Chain Vipers – the patterns and colors are very similar to the untrained eye. Chain vipers, also called Russell’s viper – are found in and north and east of Bangkok mostly, not in Phuket or anywhere south of the Chumphon province area (so far).

Copyright 2011 Aime Yodkaew. Published with permission.

Update – check the comments, some are insisting it is not a Burmese python… I think they are right… must have been someone’s pet that was let free in the jungle, and comes around houses because it doesn’t fear people.

Thailand Snake Journal – A Big Water Monitor

I did a quick snake-hunt yesterday in the middle of the afternoon sun. I just found myself in proximity to a place I love to climb, a mountain about 50 minutes away by motorbike, and I decided to walk a bit and see what I could find. I found some spiders, lizards – mountain dragons, and saw some giant movement in some bush. I ran ahead and found a 2 meter long monitor there… this thing is OFTEN there – I don’t know what he’s eating. They eat termites?

I’ve found one snake there before within 10 meters of that spot, maybe it’s a big snake spot – they hide under the leaves or something? I don’t usually rake leaves when I snake hunt, but I might start.

Did you see my water monitor eats snake video at youtube? He listens and hears a snake under the leaves… tracks it and slurps it down his gullet. Great shot!

Here’s the video:

I saw a giant copperheaded racer – 2 meters – crossing the road before I could stop. I also saw a thin black snake about 1.5m that was moving fast across the road… I couldn’t even guess what that one was. It was thin like a striped keelback (in size).

Any guesses from anyone?

I’m working on a big snake project… Not sure it will come to fruition, but I’m giving it my best. Will tell you more in the near future. Cheers!