Thailand Snakes Poll – Whose Tail is This?

Whose tail is this?

Leave your answers in the comments section – answer – whose tail is this?

The first one to get it correct will get use of my “The Snake Charmer” – ebook on Kindle whenever Kindle enables borrowing other people’s ebooks. Michael Cota cannot win because I sent him this image already.

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10 years ago

this might be a tail of a green Leguan (Iguana iguana).


10 years ago

Hello, thank you for lending opportunity of “The snake charmer”. It would be really great and I would appreciate to read it. I am a kind of hobby thaland snake fan and study your great homepage alot. I love it. By the way I saw the tail and I thought about bungarus fasciatus maybe a varity more ocker yellow but bungarus has a “linear” triangle shape and is so great glossy on the skins surface… Then I detect the small thorns in the top and I thougt it is a leguan. Funny…
Have a nice day. P.S.:When do think a report of the daboia russelli siamensis could be lunched. A really deadly beautiful….

Greatings from Frankfurt Germany

9 years ago

A Physignathus cocincinus would me more apropos.