Free Thailand Snake Identification eBook

FREE Thailand Snakes Ebook – Get Yours!

PHOTOS OF COMMON THAILAND SNAKES – Venomous and Non-venomous

This is Our FREE ebook with 83 pages, you can get today.

(This page last Updated: 14 February 2017)

Photos of Common Thailand Snakes
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Free EBook - just for signing up for free newsletter.
Free EBook – just for signing up for free newsletter.

Some Inside Pages:

Racers and rat snakes for the Common Thailand snakes ebook.

Blue long-glanded coral snake for Common Thailand snakes ebook.

Golden tree snake for common Thailand snakes ebook.

About Vern Lovic

Snake posts by Vern Lovic. Amateur herpetologist roaming about Thailand on field herping tours and events to find king cobras, kraits, vipers, corals, keelbacks, and other snakes native to Thailand. FYI - Thailand has over 200 snake species. Here's our latest book with detailed information on Thailand's 35 Deadly Snakes. "Is That Snake In Your House Dangerous? Identify Deadly Thailand Snakes In Under 5 Minutes!" INFO HERE.

12 thoughts on “FREE Thailand Snakes Ebook – Get Yours!”

  1. Hi, I am trying to download the ebook “Thailand Snakes” but it doesn’t work.
    I subscribed to the newsletter.
    Any advise ?

  2. I live near ban chiang and I have seen many different snakes but I’m not sure which ones are venomous, so this book will be very informative to me. Thank you very much

    1. Glad to hear it! I have another book coming out soon – just focused on all venomous snakes in Thailand. This one will be more comprehensive than the free book.

  3. Hello Vern,
    (1) I just received an e-mail about a book called “Is that Snake in Your House Dangerous?” I am interested but would you please confirm that this is YOUR e-mail, and not a scam. It looks legit but I am always extremely careful.
    (2) Also, I suppose it is possible to pay in Baht, rather than in US$, right? The easiest way would then be to just pay the amount into your bank account.
    (3) Does the hard copy book contain the same info (but more, like you wrote) as your e-mail book? Or is it better to get both?
    Thank you and be careful!

    1. Hi there,

      There is no hard copy book – I have only made ebooks for the snake books. Yes, you can pay in baht, I’ll email you. My email is [email protected]. I sent the emails out from the wrong address. It’s one of ours also, but should have used the snake site address! Cheers!

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