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9 years ago

I guess it’s nice and worm up there so she considered it to be a nice place to chill out for a while :)

7 years ago

That’s really looking like a Mangrove snake Boiga dendrophlia melanota

7 years ago

Yes it is a Mangrove Cat Snake. They look scary but I guess won’t kill. I lived in Satun which has lots of mangrove and saw only one dead one far from the mangrove areas. A friend sent me a photo of a black and white snake and labelled it as a Ngu Prong Thong, or a Mangrove Snake. I think she was too afraid to think it was a Blue Krait. Satun was great to see all the snakes, most dead along the roadside where rubber plantation workers tossed them.

6 years ago

Mangrove snake lampshade,haha