Mangrove Pit Viper – Venomous – Dangerous

Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus – Mangove Pit Viper Also known as mangrove viper, shore pit viper, Gray’s pit viper, purple-spotted pit viper, and shore pit viper. In past (2004-2011) was called Cryptelytrops purpureomaculatus. Thais Say: Ngoo pang ka Length: Males grow to about 60 cm and females to 90 cm on average. Habitat: Usually near water and very … Continue reading “Mangrove Pit Viper – Venomous – Dangerous”

Wagler’s Pit Viper – Venomous – Dangerous

Tropidolaemus wagleri – also called: Wagler’s Pit viper; temple viper; bamboo snake; speckled pit viper [Last Updated: 5 May 2017] Thais say: ngoo keow took geh Length: Average length of 60 cm. Male smaller than female. Female maximum length at 100 cm. Appearance: Wagler’s pit viper is a short green (งูเขียว) pit viper and the female … Continue reading “Wagler’s Pit Viper – Venomous – Dangerous”

Siamese Viper – Venomous – Deadly

Daboia siamensis (Siamese Viper; Eastern Russel’s Viper) Thais say: Ngoo Maow Saow Length: Maximum of 1.7 meters. Russel’s around 1 meter long are common. Range: These snakes are found around Bangkok, West, North, and East of Bangkok. The Russel’s photos shown here are from Sa Kaeo province near Cambodia. Habitat:  These snakes are terrestrial and prefer grassy … Continue reading “Siamese Viper – Venomous – Deadly”

Brown-Spotted Green Pit Viper – Venomous – Dangerous

Trimeresurus venustus, previously Cryptelytrops venustus – (Brown-spotted Green Pit Viper, Beautiful Pit Viper) [Last Updated: 5 May 2017] Appearance: Green snake (งูเขียว) with brown or reddish orange scales which may form bands across the width of the snake. Triangular pit viper head. Thais Say: Haang Ham tai Length: average 40-70 cm Range: Chumpon to Krabi Province in … Continue reading “Brown-Spotted Green Pit Viper – Venomous – Dangerous”


THAILAND’S PIT VIPERS Banded Pit Viper – Popeia fucatus Brown-spotted Pit Viper (Beautiful Viper) – Cryptelytrops venustus Clouded Pit Viper – Popeia nebularis Gumprecht’s Green Pit Viper – Viridovipera gumprechti Hagen’s Pit Viper – Parias hageni Kanburi Pit Viper – Cryptelytrops kanburiensis Large-eyed Pit Viper – Cryptelytrops macrops Malayan Pit Viper – Calloselasma rhodostoma Mangrove Pit Viper – Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus … Continue reading “Vipers”

Mock Viper – Psammodynastes pulverulentus – Not Dangerous

(Page Updated: 22 November 2017) Psammodynastes pulverulentus (Mock Viper, Dusky Mock Viper, Common Mock Viper) Thais say: ngoo mok Length: Adults average about 75 cm (28 inches) Range: All over Thailand and southeast Asia including Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam – even getting over to Nepal and the other way, Taiwan. Habitat: Typically the mock vipers enjoy hilly … Continue reading “Mock Viper – Psammodynastes pulverulentus – Not Dangerous”

Malayan Pit Viper – Venomous – Very Dangerous

[Page Updated: 4 April 2018] Calloselasma rhodostoma (Malayan Pit Viper, Malaysian Pit Viper) Thais say: Ngoo gap pa Length: Usually less than 1 meter. Female Malayan Pit Vipers are the larger and fatter snakes. Males of the species don’t make it to 1 meter long. Range: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Java, Sumatra, Malaysia, Vietnam, Burma, and … Continue reading “Malayan Pit Viper – Venomous – Very Dangerous”

Recent Snake Bites in Thailand – King Cobra and Malayan Pit Viper

Here’s a bit of news out of Krabi province. Just in the last month I’ve come across two people that were bitten by two of the worst snakes in the country, in all of the world really. The first case was almost expected. I mean, you work with deadly snakes everyday, multiple times each day, … Continue reading “Recent Snake Bites in Thailand – King Cobra and Malayan Pit Viper”

Mangrove Pit Viper on Koh Samui

This photo comes from a reader that was writing postcards in her bungalow on the island of Koh Phi Phi, in Thailand’s Krabi province when she noticed a Mangrove Pit Viper (Cryptelytrops purpureomaculatus) near her foot! This is not the snake you want near your foot, as they are heat-sensing, and some are known to be … Continue reading “Mangrove Pit Viper on Koh Samui”