King Cobra Research

Research Links to King Cobra Topics Some of these links lead to full papers, others lead to abstracts and summaries of research which require a fee to view. Complete Papers David Worrell. Guidelines for the Management of Snake-bites. World Health Organization. 2010. Download free PDF here. Vern’s Note – this is a must have document … Continue reading King Cobra Research

King Cobra – Largest Venomous Snake in World

KING COBRA (Ophiophagus hannah – Thailand King Cobra) In Greek, ‘snake eater.’ Sometimes called ‘Hamadryad.’ Discovered and described by Danish naturalist, Theodore Edward Cantor in 1836. The species name, hannah reflects the snake’s arboreal habits, from Greek mythology it refers to tree dwelling nymphs of the same name. IDENTIFICATION Ophiophagus hannah occupies its own genus, … Continue reading King Cobra – Largest Venomous Snake in World

King Cobra Conservation

This photo is from 2001, but it shows the attitude some people have for king cobras – the top of the food chain becomes king cobra dinner. This snake was beaten and then shot with a gun to kill it before being thrown on the fire. Apparently he shared the meal with others in the … Continue reading King Cobra Conservation