KRABI King Cobra Show

Krabi King Cobra Snake Show Snake Show Photos Krabi King Cobra Show Information The king cobra show is located just up the road from Noppharat Thara Beach in Ao Nang Beach, Krabi, Thailand. The open hours are 9 am. to 5 pm. typically, but you can have an after hours special show if you make … Continue reading KRABI King Cobra Show

Crucial First Aid Instructions for King Cobra, Krait, Coral Snake, and Keelback Snakebite

Instructions for Venomous Snakebite in Thailand and Surrounding Countries for King Cobra, Krait, Coral Snakes, and Keelback Bites Information taken from “Is That Snake In Your House Dangerous? Identify Dangerous Thailand Snakes in Under 5 Minutes.” Buy This Book HERE. Snake Bite Kits? Scam, and Dangerous – Info Here > King Cobra Fact Page > … Continue reading Crucial First Aid Instructions for King Cobra, Krait, Coral Snake, and Keelback Snakebite


THAILAND’S COBRAS King Cobra – Ophiophagus hannah. Longest venomous snake in the world. Monocled Cobra – Naja kaouthia. The most common cobra in Thailand. Siamese Spitting Cobra – Naja siamensis Sumatran Spitting Cobra – Naja sumatrana

Cobra Video 1

A buddy nearby gave me a call, he was in a panic. He had found a couple of snakes in the house – and wanted me to remove them. Well, that’s my job…

King Cobra Book

There are a number of king cobra book references out there on the internet, but none I found looked like they were any good. There are also some PDFs king keepers have made, but the ones I found were very old – over a decade in some cases. There is a new King Cobra book … Continue reading King Cobra Book

King Cobra Bite?

What Happens with a King Cobra Bite? I’ve been lucky enough to not experience a bite from a king cobra, or any venomous snake – but, I’ve been fascinated by stories of bites by the world’s longest venomous snake, and I thought I’d write a page about it tonight. If YOU ARE DEALING WITH A … Continue reading King Cobra Bite?

King Cobra – Largest Venomous Snake in World

KING COBRA (Ophiophagus hannah – Thailand King Cobra) In Greek, ‘snake eater.’ Sometimes called ‘Hamadryad.’ Discovered and described by Danish naturalist, Theodore Edward Cantor in 1836. The species name, hannah reflects the snake’s arboreal habits, from Greek mythology it refers to tree dwelling nymphs of the same name. IDENTIFICATION Ophiophagus hannah occupies its own genus, … Continue reading King Cobra – Largest Venomous Snake in World