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Thailand Snake Videos at Youtube

Here are our Thailand snake video thumbnails with links to our videos:

Thailand Snake Videos >

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My Thailand Snake Videos

I have a lot of videos of snakes I’ve caught or been fortunate enough to interact with because others have caught them for me to play with.

Video is the best way to see the snakes of Thailand so I hope you go have a look at some of them.

My MAIN snake site is at YouTube – at:


Thailand Snake Videos

My OTHER Youtube channel has even more snakes – but there are a lot of other things too – lizards, geckos, beetles, frogs, scorpions, spiders, and me eating maggots and bugs and other stuff. It’s at:


ThaiPulse Channel

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Thailand Snake Note – New Video Channel at YouTube

Screenshot of ThailandSnakes Youtube Channel focusing on snakes of Thailand.

I just started a new YouTube video channel for this website, and it’s called “Thailand Snakes”.

What else, right?

You can find it at www.YouTube.com/user/thailandsnakes

or, click here -> ThailandSnakes Youtube Channel

I was putting all my snake videos, lizards, spiders, scorpions, and other wildlife at my Thaipulsedotcom video channel but it’s getting a bit cloudy what that channel is about. Basically, it’s about Thailand – anything I can think of. That doesn’t hold everyone’s interest all that well though.

So, this new Thailand Snakes channel will be focused entirely on venomous and non-venomous snakes of Thailand. I have about 20 videos up there now, and many more to come as I convert them for uploading to YouTube.

If there are any snakes from Thailand you especially want to see – zap me an email at: info [    at    ] thailandsnakes.com and I’ll see what I can do.



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Thailand Snakes


Cobras in the HOUSE!

Welcome to Thailand Snakes…

Thailand has 200+ snake species with over 60 of them - venomous. I created this site as a way to educate Thais and visitors to Thailand about snakes. Many people kill the snakes they see in Thailand, while in many cases - they are non-venomous and completely harmless. With this site I hope to give people a better idea what is harmful and what isn't.

Browse the many snake photos and videos here so you can identify snakes you see on your porch, in your bed, or underfoot.

If you have been bitten by a snake - go to a hospital FIRST. Don't waste time looking it up on the internet. With some snakes you need to have medical help as fast as possible. With others you have some time. I know a Thai man whose brother died in less than 10 minutes from a snake bite.

There are venomous (some say 'poisonous' erroneously) snakes everywhere in Thailand. Friends have had cobras in their kitchen, and others had kraits in the garage. Vipers love bushes and trees near water and walkways.

Bookmark this site so you can quickly identify snakes you have seen. Notice the variety of venomous and non-venomous snakes in Thailand - and realize that they come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns.

Email - info@thailandsnakes.com

Thailand’s Deadly Snakes