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Ao Nang – Krabi – King Cobra Show (Discount Coupon)

Johnny Milking Monocled Cobra - Naja kaouthia - at Ao Nang King Cobra Show

Johnny, the top cobra show handler in Thailand shows the audience that the fangs and venom glands ARE in all snakes at the show... click to enlarge.

Contact me through email to get a discount off the door price at the Krabi – Ao Nang Cobra Show (info[{at]}thailandsnakes.com)

Closer to Noppharat Thara Beach than Ao Nang is a Cobra Show for tourists and locals alike.

At the moment they have about 6 King Cobras, 15 Monocled Cobras (Naja kaouthia), 1 yellow/black Banded Krait, 2 great species of Burmese Python, a large turtle, a big iguana, a few Yellow Banded Mangrove Snakes, a Red Tailed Racer, an Oriental Whip Snake (Ahaetulla prasina) and a couple of Radiated Rat Snakes.

I’ve been to three Cobra Shows in Thailand and I must say that this one in Krabi is the best of all of them. I know the owner personally, he’s originally just a snake show owner… but, when he didn’t have any snake show guys to do the show at his new facility – he taught himself how to do the show. Within a couple days he taught himself how to touch the cobras on the head, pick them up, and everything he needed to do for the show.

Since then he has found a couple of good snake guys  – taught them in some cases, and he put together an exhibition that is better than other places in Thailand I’ve seen – though I won’t mention which.

The show is well worth the 600 THB ($18 USD) because you’ll see snakes you otherwise wouldn’t have.

All cobras have their teeth, venom glands, and are fully capable of killing the presenters. If you doubt that, have a look at Dom’s right thigh – where he is still healing up from a recent cobra bite.

The show is open from 9 am through 5 pm daily. There is also a Monkey Show – which can be seen for just a few more baht, sorry, I cannot remember how much.

Again, if you want a discount on seeing the snake show – let me know through email and I’ll set it up with the owner.

Don’t miss the show – I’d call it the best Cobra Show in Thailand.

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