Links to Other Snake Sites

Al Coritz – and – – Al is a long-time venomous snake handler and his collection of videos of feeding, handling, cleaning cages, and just admiring the amazing snake collection he has amassed over the years is quite worth a visit to YouTube to see. Al buys and sells snakes, and is based in Pennsylvania, USA.

Tom Charlton – Tom is a snake enthusiast that is licensed to handle and sell venomous snakes out of the UK. Tom has a number of exotic snakes from Asia – and is often found traipsing around southeast Asia on herping expeditions to find more snakes. I met him in Thailand during one of these trips.

Herp Trips – The herping adventures of Eitan and Ron Grunwald and friends.

Gondwana Reptile Productions by Rob Valentic – View outstanding photographs of Australian reptiles & frogs by Rob Valentic. Buy framed prints of reptiles, frogs and their habitats, and download Rob’s herpetological articles.

Venom Street – is based in Florida in the USA. They collect and breed Asian cobras, and they are expanding to include kraits. Venom Street is a very successful breeder and is licensed for sales of venomous snakes in USA.


There are more people I know that are involved in venomous snake handling, research, and snake keeping, but I don’t have any more websites. If we’ve spoken before and you have a website – do let me know.


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Thailand Snakes


Cobras in the HOUSE!

Welcome to Thailand Snakes…

Thailand has 200+ snake species with over 60 of them - venomous. I created this site as a way to educate Thais and visitors to Thailand about snakes. Many people kill the snakes they see in Thailand, while in many cases - they are non-venomous and completely harmless. With this site I hope to give people a better idea what is harmful and what isn't.

Browse the many snake photos and videos here so you can identify snakes you see on your porch, in your bed, or underfoot.

If you have been bitten by a snake - go to a hospital FIRST. Don't waste time looking it up on the internet. With some snakes you need to have medical help as fast as possible. With others you have some time. I know a Thai man whose brother died in less than 10 minutes from a snake bite.

There are venomous (some say 'poisonous' erroneously) snakes everywhere in Thailand. Friends have had cobras in their kitchen, and others had kraits in the garage. Vipers love bushes and trees near water and walkways.

Bookmark this site so you can quickly identify snakes you have seen. Notice the variety of venomous and non-venomous snakes in Thailand - and realize that they come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns.

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Thailand’s Deadly Snakes